MASTER CLASS:  Discover How This Company Went From $0 to $310 Million Exit to Walmart In Under 10 Years.

Attention: Business Owners, Professionals & Entrepreneurs

How To Go From $0 to $310,000,000 Exit In <10 Years

From Jackie Burgoa
South Florida

Dear Friend,

If you've been concerned in the past that you can't scale your company without having to borrow tons of money, put those fears to rest.

If greedy lenders want you to borrow their money to grow your business and risk everything you’ve got as collateral, that is not true.

If you've failed at building a profitable online business in the past, it's not your fault.

If expensive developers want you to think you can't scale your business online without them, that is not true.

If you've ever thought that lenders want you to fail, you're probably right.  You see, they get to keep all your collateralized assets at grossly discounted prices if you do...

How do I know?

Because that is exactly what happened to me.

October 31st, 2008 Was The Day My World Was “Turned Upside Down.”

On that day I lost everything!

Those were some rough years ahead. I could see my two boys lost and confused. Going from private schools to the three of us sleeping on a single mattress on the floor.

I vividly remember those days. Totally freaked out because I had no idea how we were going to come up with the money to buy food or pay for the rented room.

I had gained over 100 pounds from the emotional turmoil and not eating healthy. It felt like I was inside a nightmare and no matter how hard I tried, I could not wake up.

I made a resolute then that I would do everything in my power to never put myself or my family in that predicament again.

And that I would dedicate the rest of my life to making sure no other business owner suffers the consequences of despicable, greedy, predatory money vultures.

Within a few years I turned my life around

Lost over 100 pounds

And went from broke and homeless

To building a multi-million eCom Development Agency.

One thing is for sure...

The learning curve was steep.

So I’m here to show you how to sell directly to consumers without having to hire expensive developers to build your online store

Or having to risk your assets by borrowing from the wrong people!


To show you the 3 Secrets to Successfully Sell Directly-to-Consumers.

I want to help the entrepreneurs who want to scale revenue and the business owners who want to accelerate growth...without running out cash or being held hostage by an expensive tech guy!

You see,

The ONLY WAY for you to scale revenue and accelerate growth is by selling directly to consumers online

...without middlemen!

and without having to risk your assets to accelerate growth

And the ONLY WAY to do it without having to borrow money or risk yours assets  is through iGrowStack!

For Those Of You Who Don't Know Me...

My name is Jackie Burgoa.

I was born and raised in Bolivia and I was lucky enough to study architecture at U.C. Berkeley. 

After I graduated, I got recruited by a Singaporean firm and realized then, business was in my blood.

So I decided to get my MBA and my Master of Science in Finance.  

I built my first business with zero money, while I was working full-time selling life insurance, doing my MBA AND pregnant with my second child.

In addition, during these past 20+ years of business experience, I earned the following accolades:

But before we get into that, let me share a quick story with you.

There I was, a recently divorced mom of two trying to sell my company so I could stay home with my two boys.  

The thing is, at the time I was trying to exit at a higher price than my company was really worth.

This is because…

Smaller Companies Sell For 1-4 Times SDE (Seller Discretionary Earnings)

or in this case, for my million revenue company, the exit price would have been a measly $2 million on average.  

Nothing to be proud of after 18 years of hard work.

The big problem was that I owned a service company.

That meant that the business was highly dependent on me,

we back-billed clients and

we were not scalable;

which meant I was literally walled off from hundreds of millions of potential exit prices.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened...

I found out that larger companies tend to trade for multiples of 5-10 times Cash-Flow.

This means...

A Business That Is Doing $5 Million In Revenue Might Sell For About...

$30 To $60 Million!

Here's why this is important for you to know.

The biggest thing you can do when you decide to build a business is to build it with the exit in mind...

Even if you never plan to sell it!

Most entrepreneurs spend years building a "job,"

not a business

and unfortunately it is not until you are ready to sell that you realize you have wasted years

building something worthless!

The best way to build a business post 2010 is to sell directly to consumers

and bypass the middleman.

Furthermore, if possible,

try funding your growth from within,

by reducing cost

and growing as much as possible from your own cash-flow.

What results can you expect?

So, by going direct-to-consumer you can expect:

  • Revenue growth
  • Improved margins
  • Expanded market reach
  • Reduced capital expenditures
  • Improved customer data
  • Improved customer relationships
  • Comprehensive product assortment
  • Low Overhead
  • Cut down on costs

What we will cover today:

  1. Secret #1: How To Build A Profitable Business Using A Direct-To-Consumer Business Model That You Can Sell For Higher Multiples If You Desire To Exit!
  2. Secret #2: How To Build A Valuable Brand Using A CUSTOM BUILT eCom Store Without Having To Spend Lots Of Money!
  3. Secret #3: How To Set Up A Money-Making, eCom Store In Less Than 1 Day WithOUT Hiring Expensive Programmers.

Secret #1:

How To Build A Profitable Business Using A Direct To Consumer Business Model That You Can Sell For Higher Multiples If You Desire To Exit!

Some Business Owners Might Think...

"I don't understand how selling directly to consumers online will work for me."

Let me tell you a quick story...

You can sell ANY type of product or service directly to consumers.  It can be a physical or digital product, and even professional services!

Like, these companies, right?

From $0 To $310 Million In < 10 Years!

A great example of what a Direct-to-Consumer business model can do for your business is Bonobos. The company was founded by college students Andy Dunn and Brian Spaly. It launched as an exclusively online retailer in 2007 and sold to Walmart in 2017 for an staggering $310 million dollars!

You Might Also Be Thinking...

"I already own a business, why would selling online directly to consumers make any difference to my business value?"

You see, companies with online stores are selling more, faster & for higher prices.


As you can see in this chart, eCommerce companies sell 52% more than all other businesses combined

An the best part, eCom stores sell for much higher multiples.  So to answer your question, I am talking about building a business that you can sell for higher multiples when you are ready to exit.

The truth is, the direct to consumer business model works to sell ANYTHING.  That is why even big brands are being nibbled to death.

As a matter of fact, there are 12 things you can sell using eCom stores (Other than Physical Products)

  1. Services (appointments)
  2. Memberships
  3. Consultations
  4. Digital products
  5. Event support
  6. Experiences
  7. Classes, lessons, and workshops
  8. Rentals
  9. Installations (and quotes)
  10. Donations
  11. Event tickets
  12. Digital gift cards

Secret #2:

How To Build A Valuable Brand Using A CUSTOM BUILT eCom Store Without Having To Spend Lots Of Money!

You Might Be Thinking…

"I'm not sure about you, but I know building a brand requires money.  Lots of it. Custom built developers are expensive, very expensive and I don't have money to pay $75,000 for a custom built eCom store!"

And while free and paid themes can be great for launching your business, a custom-built eCom experience is essential for building a brand and standing out in the crowded world of eCommerce.

So what do business owners do!?  

They go out and risk their assets to borrow money.  What is worse, entrepreneurs usually are incurable optimists and think everything will be alright.

Then one day, when there is a bump on the road, they are exposed to greedy predatory money vultures who come and take all their assets.  They have unnecessarily put themselves in a weak position and risked everything!

Let me share a quick story...

I already made that mistake and I lost everything in the process.

If there is only ONE thing you get from this masterclass, DO NOT risk your assets.

Do not make the same mistakes I made.  

I am here and I am doing this so you do not have to suffer the consequences my family and I did.

It is painful, very painful and it changes your life forever!

Some Business Owners Might Also Think...

"I don't know how to build a beautiful store where I can display my brand. All I can find are themes that better fit the dropshipping industry.  It is hard to find one that is beautiful enough to build a valuable brand."

iGrowStack Does It All For You

You see, that is not a problem because we build our own beautiful, custom built stores.

and once we test them, we build a limited edition of 100 replicas.  As a matter of fact every single one is numbered. 01, 02, 03...100.  We then rent them out at a fraction of the price.

That is it!

So if you are worried about not being technically inclined…all you have to do is change the images, videos, text and connect them to your merchant account...and you are good to go.  In less than a day, you can have your store online.

We take care of the rest. And by the way, we give you detailed instructions on how to do that as well!

Therein lies our secret to successful branding.  

We only build a limited edition of 100 high-quality custom built stores per theme.  

After that, no one can get it.

Not your competition, your friend or your foe. No one.  

So once the limited edition Shopify Store is gone, it is gone for good.

So do yourself a favor and don't borrow money to build a beautiful eCom store for your brand.  iGrowStack already did all the work for you at a fraction of the price.

Do not risk your assets.

Do not make the same mistakes I made. Because I have been there, my dream is that no other business owner will ever have to endure what myself and my family had to suffer.

I want to give you all a framework, so that when you leave here you’ve got something you can start running with, and that is enough to accelerate your business growth and make you all millionaires

The whole goal is to basically knock down the big domino.  To get you selling directly to your customers online and build a reputable brand without needing massive amounts of money.  That's the one thing I need you to believe.

Secret #3:

How To Set Up A Money-Making, eCom Store In Less Than 1 Day WithOUT Hiring Expensive Programmers.

You Might Also Be Thinking...

"I legitimately have no clue where to start.  I am new to online selling and eCommerce as well.  To make matters worse, I am not tech inclined so I am at a total loss"."

Let me explain...

We develop the theme

We build the store

We create a limited edition of only 100 stores per theme


Your competition cannot get them, your friends cannot get them, no one.

Once you have it, it is your brand.


And The Best Part...You Can Have Your Custom-Built, S&P500 Level D2C Store Live In 24 Hours Or Less!

Some People Also Think...

"So once my store is live, then what?  What do I do next?"

So if you do not know how to drive traffic to your store, you no longer have to worry.  

That is because as part of our desire to help you succeed, we have developed an entire digital marketing academy.  

Even if you outsource your campaigns to an agency,

the courses will show you all the available web traffic channels

so you can effectively communicate with your marketing people.

Your Job Is To Grow Your Company!

Now, all you have to do is concentrate on what matters most.  

Your marketing and sales because that is what is going to grow your business.  

Not taking care of code,

or development.

We have covered:

  1. Secret #1: How To Build A Profitable Business Using A Direct-To-Consumer Business Model That You Can Sell For Higher Multiples If You Desire To Exit!
  2. Secret #2: How To Build A Valuable Brand Using A CUSTOM BUILT eCom Store Without Having To Spend Lots Of Money!
  3. Secret #3: How To Set Up A Money-Making, eCom Store In Less Than 1 Day WithOUT Hiring Expensive Programmers.

So Who Wants To Take Things To The Next Level?



How To Grow A Stackable Business

"iGrowStack” is a “SCaaS” company.

We provide Supply Chain As A Service.

We are all about helping you scale revenue

and accelerate growth in as little as one day...

without running out cash

or being held hostage by an expensive tech guy.

Our goal is to build a world where we can all Trade Without Walls,

regardless of income, gender, location, or race!

We know that renting one eCom store at a time isn't going to change the world,

but together we're doing our small part.

So we prepared a special package

that’s going to give you everything you need to be successful

because I know that stackable growth is the key for you guys to 10x your business in the next 12 months.  

I’ve seen it hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times

and I know for you guys, it is the key.

And when you guys invest in this special package today you get a bunch of things...

You're Going To Get iGrowStack, a Rent-To-Own Limited Edition Custom Built eCom Store


First, you are going to get iGrowStack,

a Rent-To-Own Limited Edition

Custom Built

eCom Store.  

This custom built Shopify store is the secret for you to sell directly to consumers online

which helps you reach a LOT more customers anywhere in the world

and increase your business value while making a LOT more money.

Like the companies below that are wildly successful thanks to the direct-to-consumer business model!

But to be honest,

the D2C business model works best for any business owner who wants to sell directly to consumers online,

without a middleman

so they can increase revenue,

decrease cost and...

accelerate business growth!

You Can Have A Custom Built Limited Edition eCom Store Live Within A Day!

You’ll be able to have your Limited Edition Custom Built Shopify eCommerce store live within a day. 

All you have to do is change your text, images, videos, connect your merchant accounts and billing information. You will even get detailed instructions on how to do it! It’s simple, super simple

You will have your shop,

your store pages,

your product details,

your contact information

your TOS (Terms of Service) pages

and depending on the Shopify store theme you select, much, much more!

    Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Can Get Rid Of When You Start Using iGrowStack eCom Stores...

    • eCommerce software
    • Your website hosting
    • WordPress
    • Programmers
    • Coders
    • Designers
    • Webmasters
    • Upgrading software
    • Maintaining software...and so much more!

    You might be thinking you can't get started because you don't have $75,000 to pay for expensive custom build developers.

    Good news!

    Here's why that's a mistake that will hold you back from success

    because you can get started

    for less than 20%

    than it would take to hire a reputable custom developer...

    Custom Built Limited Edition Shopify Store: $15,000 Value

    So Here’s What You’re Going To Get Again…

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)

    A Total Value Of $15,000!

    What Else Do You Need To Be Successful?

    What about the marketing?

    This is the part a lot of you might not know about yet, but driving traffic is the most expensive part.   Especially if you hire people who are not exactly the most qualified to run your campaigns

    You see, when I started marketing my products and services,

    I wasn't able to tell whether my marketing people were running successful campaigns

    or if I was just burning money.

    So I spent years mastering each channel.  

    I knew business owners did not have the time to learn each channel in depth

    So I created an online academy

    Where we curate marketing courses that make it simple for non-marketers to understand each web traffic channel.

    Problem Solved!  

    What exactly is marketing?

      Marketing are the different channelsthat drive traffic to your website.
      It’s Search Engine Optimization...
      It's video marketing...
      It's the paid ads for your campaigns...
      It's the social media...
      It’s all your marketing campaigns
      It's ALL the traffic channels for your entire customer acquisition.

    You HAVE To Have Marketing.

    So You Also Get... Training Course #1: Three Months FREE Marketpedia Academy

    3 Months FREE Marketpedia:

    Marketing Tips, Tricks & Tools for Non-Marketers.  

    This online course series holds the key to understanding how the different marketing channels work

    so you can generate targeted traffic quickly

    and drive more buyers to your store.

    Here Are Just Some Of The Things You Can Get Rid Of When You Start Learning From Marketpedia Marketing for Non-Marketers...

    • Not knowing how to generate website traffic
    • Not knowing how to drive buyers to your store
    • Not understanding if your marketing agency is running successful campaigns
    • Not knowing if your marketing agency is qualified to get your business
    • Hiring unqualified marketing employees
    • Not being able to tell if they are learning on the job & at your expense!
    • And so much more!

    Save Tons Of Time And Money!

    These courses will save you a ton of time and money because you will now be able to communicate with your marketing team in a way that benefits both of you.  

    You will:

    • Learn how to generate targeted traffic quickly
    • Drive more buyers to your store
    • Understand marketing campaigns
    • Successfully communicate with your marketing agency
    • Hire the right marketing people
    • Learn about the different marketing channels
    • And much, much more

    You Might Be Thinking…

    "I am too busy!  I don't have the time to run marketing campaigns on top of the million things I have to do to run my business."  

    As you have seen, here's why that's not true and will hold you back from success.  

    You see, you are the head of your company.

    Even though you may not run the daily marketing campaigns,

    it is your duty to understand them

    because a company will not grow unless you build trust with your market and you get that message across.  

    The goal is not for you to master each marketing channel.  

    The goal is for you to understand strategically how each marketing channel works.  

    This means you will now be able to understand how to get your message across

    and see what your marketing team is doing

    before you waste a penny running campaigns that do not work!

    Three months free Marketpedia: $291 Value

    So Let's Recap What You’re Going To Get Today...

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)
    • 3 months free Marketpedia ($291 value)

    A Total Value Of $15,291!

    What Else Do You Need To Be Successful?

    What about understating eCommerce?

    It is important for you to understand the best way to increase business profits

    which helps you select the best eCommerce business model for your company

    AND leverage your online shopping

    to make more sales

    and enjoy more free time.  

    You HAVE To Understand eCommerce

    You Also Get... Training Course #2: eCommerce Masterclass

    Understand eCommerce!

    So in the eCommerce masterclass, you are going to cover topics such as:

    • What is eCommerce and why you should take notice
    • Why eCommerce is the future
    • An introduction to eCommerce business models for high street stores, bloggers and marketers and side businesses
    • Split testing
    • Your eCommerce store platform
    • More ways to generate more sales with pricing and persuasive writing
    • Marketing your eCommerce store with SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and PPC

    You Might Be Thinking…

    “I can't run an online store because I have no idea how to get started”

    That's not an issue because this course will show you step by step on how to get started selling online

    eCommerce Masterclass: $997 Value

    So Let's Recap What You’re Going To Get Today...

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)
    • 3 months free Marketpedia ($291 value)
    • eCommerce Masterclass ($997 value)

    A Total Value Of $15,288!

    What Else Do You Need To Be Successful?

    A detailed consumer category map

    That shows the market landscape

    AND growth opportunities

    That will give you a global view of the market size

    and growth opportunities.  

    You HAVE To Understand Growth Opportunities

    So You Also Get A D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet

    Recognize Market Opportunities!

    With this D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet map, you can instantly see the markets that are ripe for D2C disruption.  This enables you to plan ahead for industries VCs are targeting to buy.  

    It shows you things like:

    • Global market size
    • Market growth
    • Barriers to entry
    • Repeat rate retention
    • Purchase frequency
    • Average order value
    • Value to weight ratio
    • Gross margin
    • Manufacturing complexity
    • Market concentration
    • Market saturation
    • Existing brand affinity, and much, much more

    You Might Be Thinking…

    Why would I care what VCs are buying?  How does that affect my business?

    Knowing the industries and markets VCs are interested in,

    let's you plan ahead of time

    to see the best industry category that may give you a higher opportunity

    of increasing your company's value

    for a profitable future exit.

    Direct-to-Consumer Landscape Excel Spreadsheet:  $197 Value

    So Let's Recap What You’re Going To Get Today...

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)
    • 3 months free Marketpedia ($291 value)
    • eCommerce Masterclass ($997 value)
    • D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet ($197 value)

    A Total Value Of $16,485!

    What Else Do You Need To Be Successful?

    An Onboarding Guide

    This checklist and templates

    make it simple for you to gather:

    all the videos,


    and text

    you will need for your store.  

    You will need them so you're able to take your store live

    quickly and easily.

    You Also Get An Onboarding Guide....

    You Might Be Thinking…

    “Why is that important?”

    Because this Onboarding Guide keeps your onboarding simple, organized

    and fast

    Onboarding Guide:  $397 Value

    So Let's Recap What You’re Going To Get Today...

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)
    • 3 months free Marketpedia ($291 value)
    • eCommerce Masterclass ($997 value)
    • D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet ($197 value)
    • Onboarding Guide ($397 value)

    A Total Value Of $16,882!

    To Built A $300 Million Company!

    When we began this masterclass, we talked about it…

    We talked about how Bonobos grew their company from $0 to an exit value of $310,000,000.

    Today, I'm going to give you the ability to accelerate your company's growth...

    I KNOW you can, without a shadow of a doubt!

    We Can Help You To 10X Your Company If You Sell Directly To Consumer......If You Have This Package

    I know it.

    Now obviously I'm not going to charge you $16,882. But if I did charge you $16,882 and

    But I do have a question for you...

    Let's say I did charge you guys $16,882...

    If All I Did Was Show You Exactly How To Sell Directly-To-Consumers Without Having To Hire Expensive Developers To Build Your Store...

    Would It Be Worth It?

    Absolutely!... There’s no question, right?

    I don't think there's a single person reading this who wouldn't give me 16 grand if I'd grow a business for them...right?


    If All This System Did Was Help You Get Your Custom Built eCom Store Setup Without Being Held Hostage By An Expensive Tech Guy...

    Would It Be Worth It?

    Of course it would...

    If all it did was show you how to get your store all done yourself in less than a day, even if you're not technical, would it be worth $16,882?

    If all it did was help you drive a ton of traffic, make more sales and increase your company's valuation, would it be worth $16,882? you can fire your webmaster...

    Your programmer...

    Your designer...

    And get rid of ALL of them...

    Would It Be Worth The $16,882 To Free Yourself FOREVER?


    Some D2C companies are making millions every month!

    iGrowStack should never cost you a becomes free.

    When I was pricing this, I had two choices…

    First Option - Go as cheap as possible and try to sell as many as possible…

    (Then it wouldn’t incentivize me to REALLY stack the value…)

    Second Option - Make It Valuable.

     This requires a little higher investment…

    (but in exchange I can devote more resources to increase your chances of success)

    My question for you is this...

    For you and your business…

    What Do You Think ONE Custom Built eCom Store Would Be Worth For You?

    It's going to be different for everyone…

    But, if you were able to scale revenue. What would that be worth to you?

    • Is it an extra $10,000 a month?
    • Or an extra $100,000 a month for you?
    • Or even more, maybe?

    Okay, if you know what that number is…

    How about if you could accelerate growth by maybe an extra $10,000 a month… Or $100,000 a month... or more? What would that be worth to you?

    How Much Would You Pay To Get That One Perfect Custom Built eCom Store?

    You Can See Why This Is A Good Deal At $16,882

    $75,000 Regular Price Outside Of This Masterclass...

    I’m giving you this special discount today because I truly want you to 10x your business in the next 12 months

    Yup.  That is how much reputable custom build Shopify developers cost.  And that is just the starting price!

    I’m Going To Give You Access To EVERYTHING We Talked About Today, For Just

    A Monthly Payment of $497

    Now, I'm going to put this in perspective...

    If you go to our eCom Development Website right now and you want us to develop an eCom store for you, it is going to cost you between $7K to $15K all upfront payment.

    And the delivery time is about 30 business days after we receive all your assets.  That means that if you take 3 weeks to get your stuff to us, it would take us a month and 3 weeks to get your eCom store ready for you.

    This isn't something I made up, if you go to right now, our plans start at $7K for the basic ones.

    And for a Custom Built stores, you are looking at a starting fee of $75K!

    Right Now, You've Got Two Choices…

    Option #1: Don’t Do Anything.

    And maybe you’re thinking, "Great! That was awesome, Jackie! I know I need an eCom store, but I'm going to go grab something to eat."

    You can do that if you want to.

    The problem with that is,

    If You Do That, Then Nothing's Really Going To Change.

    You’re not here to dabble and to think about it…

    You're here to up to 10X your business, right?

    That's the plan.

    Option #2: Just Give It A Shot!

    Just pony up this tiny little investment today, compared to all the value you'll get in return, and see if it's going to work for you.

    We have a philosophy here in my company that says if we can't make you money, we don't deserve yours, and so we'll give you your money back.

    In fact, we have a money back guarantee, 14-day money back guarantee.

    Here’s How My Guarantee Works...



    You sign up today.

    You get the entire iGrowStack package!

    Go through the theme you rented.

    Start getting your images, texts, videos, merchant accounts ready to be uploaded to your iGrowHack’s Shopify store…

    WANT you to check out the eCom store as much as possible.

    If you don’t like us for any reason at all, I don’t care if it’s 13 days, 23 hours, and 59 minutes from today, just let me know and we’ll give you your money back.


    I Want You To Understand, This Is Not About Me.

    Whether you invest today or not, it will not change my life one iota.

    I’m not going to buy a different car.

    Nothing will change for me.

    But everything can change for YOU.

    This Is About YOU...

    This investment will change your business and it will change your life.

    The question for you is this…

    Is it worth gambling a few minutes of your time to check this out?

    Even if it does HALF of what I've claimed during today’s training, will literally pay for itself the second your store is live.

    Option #3: Exit Your Business Now

    So what are your other options?  

    If you have a business right now, and you do not want to join the new consumer driven economy, then you are probably better off exiting your business before it continues to lose value.


    But You're Probably Not Going To 10X Your Business.

    In the chart below you will see the average valuation ranges based on your current annual profit.

    So Let's Recap What You’re Going To Get Today...

    • A Rent-To-Own Limited Edition eCom Store ($15,000 Value)
    • 3 months free Marketpedia ($291 value)
    • eCommerce Masterclass ($997 value)
    • D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet ($197 value)
    • Onboarding Guide ($397 value)

    A Total Value Of $16,882!

    And, as if this wasn't amazing enough already...

    I've Got One Last Thing For You!

    I want to give you a very special “D2C Bonus”, so this bonus is for those of you who are ready to get started NOW...

    D2C Master Deck Bonus

    I had to go through months of research and launch numerous eCom stores to fully understand what works when you go direct-to-consumer.

    But you won't have to because I am giving you the blueprint that shows you how the NEW Direct Brand Economy works.

    This is going to make it faster and easier for you to sell directly to consumers.  


    Because it shows step by step all the parts needed to be successful

    AND it also shows you case studies of successful companies that are currently using the D2C business model.

    You Might Be Thinking…

    "I can't take my business online because I am not technically inclined." 

    The truth is we already took care of all the techie stuff.

    D2C Master Deck: A value that's priceless. 

    Here’s Everything You’ll Get...

    • IGrowStack: Rent-To-Own eCom Store
    • 3 Months FREE Marketpedia
    • eCommerce Masterclass
    • D2C Landscape Excel Spreadsheet
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